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Herbal Extract Powder
Herbal Extract Powder, like Garlic Extract Powder, Boswellia Serrata Extract Powder, Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder, etc., is used industrially. Comprising herbal extracts in powder form, it boasts an 18-month shelf life when stored in a dry place. Utilized in various industries, it offers diverse health benefits and applications, including supplements, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
Essential Oil
Essential oils like Organic Jojoba, Borage, and Cumin Seed oils are liquid extracts from seeds. Pure Essential Oils have a 95% purity, with a 24 months shelf life when stored in a dry place. They offer a number of health benefits such as skincare, aromatherapy, and digestion support.
Amino Acid
Amino acids like Banana Powder Extract, L-Valine Powder, and BCAA Instant Powder are industrial-grade compounds with 99% purity, soluble in water, and typically appear as powders. Utilized industrially, they support varied processes such as protein synthesis, muscle growth, and energy production, catering to diverse industrial applications.
Chinese Extract
Chinese Extracts like Green Coffee, Silymarin, and Tongkat Ali, are herbal products stored in a dry place as powders. Utilized industrially, they offer a lot of health benefits like antioxidant properties, liver support, and hormonal balance. Their shelf life varies from 12 months to 3 years, providing versatile solutions for industrial usages.
Nutraceutical Ingredients
Nutraceutical ingredients like Lycopene Extract Powder, Black Seed Oil, and Flax Seed Oil are food-grade herbal extracts in powder form. With a shelf life of 12 months, they are utilized industrially, offering lots of health benefits such as antioxidant support, immune system enhancement, and cardiovascular health, stored in dry places.
Nutraceutical Product
Nutraceutical products, like Beetroot Extract Powder and Saw Palmetto Oil, are organic fruit and vegetable extracts in powder form. Utilized industrially and stored in dry places, they offer varied health benefits like cardiovascular support, hormone balance, and prostate health, providing natural solutions for wellness enhancement.
Oleoresins Oil and Powder
Oleoresins, such as Capsaicin Oleoresin Powder, Cassia Bark Oil, and Juniper Berry Oil, are kinds of herbal products derived from fruits and vegetables. They come in powder or oil form, categorized as food-grade, stored in dry places. Utilized in industrial or pharmaceutical settings, they offer lots of benefits like flavoring, aroma enhancement, and therapeutic applications.
Industrial Chemical
Industrial Chemical, like Carbocysteine Lysine API, is typically stored in dry places as a powder. With solubility, it serves industrial purposes, boasting varied health benefits. Its CAS No. is 49673-81-6. Utilized industrially, it has usages across diverse sectors, contributing to improved processes and products with its exceptional properties.
Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplements like Soy Protein Isolate from India have a shelf life of 12 months. They promote health, growth, and nutrition. Come in powder form, dosage varies as per needs. Stored in dry places, they provide diverse health benefits comprising muscle growth, improved immunity, and overall well-being.
L Serine Usp
L-Serine USP is a laboratory-grade powder compound with solubility and is stored in dry places. Primarily utilized industrially, it provides a lot of health benefits. It contributes to neurological health, cognitive function, and protein synthesis, supporting overall well-being when incorporated into varied industrial usages.
Shilajit Paste and Extract
Shilajit Paste and Extract, herbal products come in powder or paste form, are used industrially and medically. Classified as medical or industrial grade, they provide diverse health benefits for all. Stored in dry places, they support immunity, vitality, and overall well-being, making them versatile remedies for a number of ailments and conditions.
Ginger Powder
Ginger Powder, specifically Freeze Dried Ginger Juice Powder, is a kind of dried product available in powder form. Its green hue and shape are indicative of its origin. Stored in a cool place, it retains its freshness. With varied health benefits, it relieves nausea, aids digestion, and boosts immunity when consumed regularly.

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